From the Superintendent

A Message from the Superintendent

Welcome to Lakota Local Schools!

Robb Vogelmann photoWhether you’re a current or prospective parent, resident, employee or business owner, you’ve landed in a community where education is valued and well-supported. The priorities and principles guiding Lakota’s daily work fall into three main areas: Instructional Excellence, Community Engagement and the foundation of it all, Fiscal Responsibility and Sustainability.

The premiere educational experience our teachers and support staff strive to provide to every single student who walks through our doors is one marked by personalization and experience. It’s about recognizing that one student’s measure of success may look very different from the next student’s – and then giving each one plenty of opportunities to explore their passions and interests and achieve their personal definition of success.

Such a personalized approach, that values student opportunity and experience, requires us to focus on the strength and variety of our academic programs. Technology is a tool that continues to help us make data-driven instructional decisions and provide students with a modern academic experience. We also embrace an increasingly diverse student population and work hard to create inclusive learning environments that meet the needs of all types of learners.

We consider our parents, business leaders and the larger community partners in all of this work. That’s why we are always looking for more opportunities for open dialogue, information sharing, and mutually beneficial partnerships. Our unwavering focus on service learning and philanthropy serves both the community that supports us and our students who we hope will carry that attitude of civic responsibility into adulthood and the communities they’ll shape someday.

To provide this kind of experience requires responsible spending of taxpayer dollars, driven by efficient daily operations. It means maximizing student opportunity through long-term, sustainable financial planning. We are committed to this standard of excellence and consider the financial implications of every decision we make.

I hope you’ll tune into our video series, “Inside Your Schools,” which introduces the priorities that define our work and the areas we value when it comes to creating a personalized experience for all our students.

Thank you for your support in helping us create the best possible start for our students, while supporting a global economy that relies on the talents of a bright future workforce.

Yours in Education,

Robb Vogelmann
Acting Superintendent