Hopewell Junior's "Bring the Thunder" Contest

Hopewell Junior's "Bring the Thunder" Contest Helps Kick off School Year

Hopewell's door decorating contest resultsJust walk up and down the halls at Hopewell Junior and you’ll see all the creative entries in this year’s "Bring the Thunder" competition.

“We hold this annual door decorating contest early in the year to bring the focus on building culture and positive behavior expectations,” said Assistant Principal Leanna Weber. “Students AND teachers seem to love this every year. We have even started inviting outside panels of judges because things were so competitive we needed outside input!” This year, the judges were West Chester Police Officers Cupp, Mintkenbaugh, and Beall.

The contest is held between the school’s T-Hawk classes. These classes meet every day for 30 minutes with activities that focus on the whole child such as team building, social/emotional learning, career readiness, service learning, and passion projects. Groups were asked to decorate the doors, using creativity to inspire others to follow Hopewell Junior’s positive behavior expectations.

Tonya Weber’s class at Hopewell Junior won bragging rights for their entry. Students in Mr. Lewis’ room came in second and there was a tie for third between doors for Mr. Walsh and Mrs. Berndt’s rooms.

“I like that they [the doors] are unique and they all represent Hopewell,” said eighth-grader Austin Boccher.

“This contest was a good bonding exercise,” said Hopewell student Caitlyn Spaulding. “It helped us be creative and interact with new students that we usually don’t interact with.” Fellow eighth-grader Hamza Hmeidan agreed. “I think it was creative and fun, and we got to collaborate together and bond together.”