About Lakota Athletics

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In support of the Lakota School District vision of:

“All Lakota students will achieve to their fullest potential”,

the Lakota Athletic Department has developed the following mission statement:

Lakota Athletic Department
Mission Statement

The mission of Lakota athletics is to extend educational
opportunities so students can compete in a manner that
promotes personal development, fosters teamwork, and
teaches important life skills necessary for becoming a valued
member of society

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Personal Development
  • Physical development prep, conditioning, strength.
  • Develop individual skills in their sport.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Drive to your personal best.
  • Personal discipline and accepting responsibility for actions.
  • Promote sense of community.
  • Being a part of big picture / commitment to a cause.
  • Promote learning of team.
  • Responsibility to the team.
  • Teach cooperation.
  • Promote the importance of team winning versus individual scoring.
Life Skills
  • Teach young people how to compete.
  • Reinforce classroom learning and academic achievement directly.
  • Develop character.
  • Teach life skills of hard work, dealing with success and failure.
  • Coach as counselor.
  • Tolerating others faults and shortcomings while appreciating their strengths.
  • Leadership and following.
  • Teaching tolerance.
  • Teach sportsmanship.
  • Social growth.
  • Handling conflict.



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