The "Why" Behind 1:1 

As we prepare to roll out Chromebook devices to all of our ninth through eleventh grade students, it is so important to focus on why we are doing this in Lakota and how it supports our new Strategic Plan. We could not be more excited to support this work and help all of our students succeed.

Being Future-Ready - To prepare our students for their future careers, many of which don’t yet exist, we are committed to providing the technology skills they will need to support their endeavors. Current studies identify that companies seek employees who can communicate effectively, think critically, work collaboratively and leverage technology successfully. At Lakota, we are empowering our students by putting the right tools in their hands so they may develop the skills critical to future success.  

But, is that really why technology is important to us?  Not entirely.

A Personalized Learning Culture - The driving “why” behind our integration is that we are dedicated to creating a personalized learning culture, meeting all students where they are in their learning journey while encouraging student voice and choice throughout the process. Teachers are continuously pursuing ways to boost student engagement. In education, student engagement is defined as “the degree of attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion that students show when they are learning or being taught.”  Across the district, we are working to place students at the center of the learning as a means of improving learning. Technology is part of the lesson design experience that is a catalyst to meet this challenge.

And while our teachers are committed to student learning, we also know that our students need the opportunity to create, to show their learning progress, and to have their ideas validated and celebrated. In support of the 1:1 initiative, junior high and high school media centers have been transformed into Innovation Hubs for this exact reason. These collaborative learning spaces allow students to explore varied forms of media, demonstrate and share their learning with authentic audiences in innovative ways and create new, deeper learning for themselves. This is again why giving our students technology opportunities is so important to us.

Ultimately, we are leading with learning and the learning is driving our use of technology for the teachers who are designing learning experiences, for the students who need to innovate and for better equipping all students for a future that has yet to be imagined.

Heidi Adams Innovation Specialist Michelle Miranda Innovation SpecialistHeidi Adams (left) and Michelle Miranda (right) are innovations specialists at Hopewell Junior and Lakota East Freshman schools, respectively, helping empower staff and students to use technology as a tool for more personalized and engaged learning experiences. 

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