East's 4E Day 'Not Your Grandma's Career Day'

Lakota East's 4E Day 'Not Your Grandma's Career Day'
Posted on 11/08/2018
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Photos from 4 E Day at Lakota East For the first time, Lakota East dedicated an entire afternoon to encouraging students to explore the full range of post-graduation options available to them. Called “4E Day,” the event tapped into 70-plus local professionals representing career paths involving one or more of the 4Es Lakota promotes to all students: employment, enrollment, enlistment and entrepreneurship.


“This is not your grandma’s career day,” said East Principal Suzanna Davis in her introduction to the room full of session leaders. “We are working really hard to help our students see the possibilities of both traditional and non-traditional routes that can lead to a career that combines their passions with their skills.”


Students had free reign to choose three half-hour sessions that peaked their interest most. Professionals were asked to focus less on their jobs and more on the skills requirements and the individual path they took. It’s why topics as far reaching as AmeriCorps, welding, mortuary science, networking and even being your own CEO were included on the full schedule.


“My sincere desire is to help everyone understand that the road available is not a one way street through college or higher education. There are many ways to achieve success and fulfillment in your life after high school,” said Brian Miller about his experience as a presenter on behalf of Farmers Insurance. “I have been fortunate in my life. I was guided by many people who mentored and motivated me to see my passion. Helping others is my end goal every day. If we can open one mind, open one door, and provide encouragement, we will ourselves be overcome with blessings.”


In a post-event Twitter survey, 76 percent of the student respondents indicated they learned something new about future pathways. Junior Abigail Niehaus said she went into the day with a lot of anxieties about deciding her future and came out feeling a lot more comfortable about her uncertainty.


As someone who has at least narrowed her interests down to something involving design, she found a lot of value in a session hosted by Ohio State University. They presented a rubric that used her interests to generate a range of career possibilities. “It helped me to calm down for one,” she laughed. “It also helped me to really look at myself and start with analyzing the things I enjoy doing most.”


“Especially with it being our first try, we were excited by the great turnout and the overall success,” said East counselor Angie Fisher, who served as the lead coordinator for the event. “We are already planning for ways to make it better next year.”


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