Agreement Reached: Transportation to Continue

Agreement Reached: Transportation to Continue
Posted on 04/16/2019
Agreement Reached: Transportation to Continue

Overnight, an agreement was reached between Petermann Transportation and its drivers. The strike has been avoided.

Transportation for any students who utilize Lakota busing will begin this morning, as the bus drivers have agreed to return to work.

Given the late hour in which the agreement was made, we are anticipating that some buses may be delayed. Additional staff will be on hand at all of our schools this morning to assist with arrival for those who have arranged alternative transportation for their children.

Afternoon buses will run on the normal schedule.

We apologize for the late notification throughout this entire ordeal. Transparency with our community is important to us, but we are only able to communicate official information that we receive, when we receive it.


Chris Passarge
​​​​​​​Chief Operations Officer