Hopewell Students Learn Math through Food Trucks

Hopewell Students Learn Math through Food Trucks
Posted on 05/30/2019
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Hopewell Junior seventh-graders learned math through a project that challenged them to create their own food truck. Whoever thought food trucks had nothing to do with math hasn’t met Hopewell Junior teachersMatthew Dollard and Kyle Schlensker. 

Earlier this year, the duo invited a local food truck, East Coast Eatz, to visit their seventh-graders and serve them lunch. But their visit provided far more value than lunch. The owner shared his success story, giving students a lot of food for thought as they began formulating their own mobile restaurants.

“We spent time looking for a real-world project that would cover many of the seventh grade math standards,” Schlensker explained. “Food trucks are increasing in popularity, so we thought it would be a great experience for the students to take ownership and show their creativity while still covering our standards.”

Students had to come up with their own menu, business name, logo and even a marketing piece like a radio or TV commercial. The math came in when they were tasked with calculating their total costs and projected profit over the course of four different events. But for some, the lessons went beyond math, even sparking an entrepreneurial conversation.

“I learned how much work it is to create a truck, or really any business, that is sustainable,” said
Tea Robbins.  

“We got to start from scratch and make it our own. That was really cool,” said
 Sarah Biggane. 

The only thing missing from the food truck rally hosted by students on May 13 was the actual food. “We decided that was a lot to take on this first year, but we’ll see about next year,” Schlensker said.