Master Facilities Plan

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Master Facilities Planning

Part of providing a future-ready, student-centered learning experience for every single child is envisioning what our schools and classrooms need to look like in five, 10 or 20 years. Will our current spaces meet the future educational needs of our students?
With this in mind, Lakota’s strategic plan calls for an in-depth assessment of our facilities. Our end goal is to build a plan that protects our district’s most important physical assets and supports the type of learning that will carry our schools into the future.

A master facilities plan is much like a five-year financial forecast - it’s a current snapshot of a long-term blueprint. That's why a planning committee - made up of the Ohio Facilities Construction Committee, VSWC Architects, and educational visioning expert and district leaders - started this process with an in-depth analysis of the current condition of Lakota buildings (opens in a new window) as well as a thorough examination of Lakota's current and projected enrollment. Of course, all of this must be reviewed with consideration toward the future of education and how to best serve our students.

Community Input

The schools belong to our community, which is why we are committed to including their voices throughout this entire process. A combination of community meetings, focus groups and ThoughtExchanges will be used to share information and gather feedback at critical points throughout this process.
Check the
MFP calendar for a complete list of upcoming community meetings and other ways to learn more and share your thoughts. You can also participate in any of our live ThoughtExchanges, a new online engagement tool we are using to regularly gather feedback and help prioritize what's important to our community.

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Data & Resources

The average age of Lakota's schools is 32 years old.Lakota's two high schools are the oldest in Butler CountyBy 2038, 8 Lakota schools will be over 50 years old.Through ELPP, Lakota is eligibile to receive 26% state funding for all work completed in master facilities plan.Lakota's 25 buildings are valued at more than $400 million.


Due to COVID-19, work on the
Master Facilities Plan has been paused, and will continue in the near future.



Latest Headlines

Lakota Releases COVID-19 Safety Protocols & Guidelines Resource Manual
In accordance with guidance from the Butler County Health Department, Lakota Local Schools has compiled a comprehensive resource manual outlining the district’s safety protocols and guidelines for its responsible reopening this school year.
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Master Facilities Update
Due to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, Lakota Local Schools has pressed pause on the process to create a new Master Facilities Plan (MFP). District leaders will continue working on the plan in the coming months. As a result, the scheduled meetings, including the community open houses, have been postponed.
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Feb. 26 Meeting Recaps Visioning for Lakota's Future
On Feb. 26 members of the community gathered at Lakota West Freshman to hear the district’s most recent update on the Master Facilities planning (MFP) process. Attendees heard from Superintendent Matthew Miller, Chief Operations Officer Chris Passarge and Educational Visioning Planner Tracy Richter. “We’ve spent the past month meeting with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) to update our building conditions and holding focus groups to hear from our community about what they think education should look like in Lakota,” said Passarge.
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Community Input in Lakota's Master Facilities Planning
As Lakota moves forward in creating a new Master Facilities Plan, it is imperative that we include our community in the process. Our next community meeting is on Feb. 26 to discuss results from our recent visioning sessions with students, parents, staff and business & government officials.
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Lakota Listens: Community Shares Feedback about Facilities
Immediately following the first Master Facilities community meeting on Jan. 28, Lakota Local Schools launched a ThoughtExchange online survey to gather feedback about the data shared. 
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Feb. 26: Next Community Facilities Meeting Discusses Visioning
Lakota continues to make progress toward building a Master Facilities Plan (MFP) that protects Lakota's most important physical assets and supports the type of learning that will carry our schools into the future. Parents, staff, students and community members are invited to attend the community visioning meeting on Feb. 26 at 6 p.m at Lakota West Freshman.
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January 2020 Video Update: A Look Around Lakota
In our first video update of 2020, Superintendent Matthew Miller shares just a few of the happenings around Lakota Local Schools during the month of January, including: new Innovation Hubs in our early childhood schools; a visit from the Ohio School Safety Center to speak to Lakota students and staff; an opportunity for our community to give feedback during the Master Facilities Planning process; and a special “Starbooks” themed reading week.
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Lakota's Master Facilities Planning Process Loops in Community
On Tuesday night, the community had its first opportunity to hear the results of an intensive review of Lakota’s school buildings presented alongside the district’s student enrollment projections. The analysis lays the groundwork for a multi-year Master Facilities Plan (MFP) that hasn’t been updated since the early 2000s.
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Master Facilities Planning: Community Meeting Jan. 28
Lakota’s strategic plan calls for an in-depth assessment of our facilities, with the end goal being to build a plan that protects our district’s most important assets and supports the type of learning that will carry our schools into the future. The first community meeting on Jan. 28 will share data that the committee has gathered so far to help devise a plan.
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Lakota Enrolls in State Funding Program to Kick Start Master Facilities Planning Process
At the Dec. 9 school board meeting, the Lakota Board of Education approved a resolution to enroll the district in Ohio’s Expedited Local Partnership Program (ELPP). Hosted by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC), enrollment is required to gain the OFCC’s support and partnership in ultimately building a master facilities plan that if approved, will be financed in part by the Commission.
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