Recognizing Special Lakota Volunteers

Recognizing Special Lakota Volunteers
Posted on 05/01/2020
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End-of-the-year recognitions are looking a little different this year, including the annual Barb Bossu Volunteer Spirit Awards sponsored by Lakota’s District Parent Council (DPC). The annual ceremony honors a special volunteer from each school, as well as a volunteer that has made a big impact across the district. The ceremony was originally planned to take place in April.

Since 1990, the Lakota district has honored volunteers in memory of a dedicated Lakota parent, Barb Bossu, whose untimely passing in 1989 was mourned by all in our school community. The Barb Bossu Volunteer Spirit Award is given to volunteers in recognition of their positive spirit, dedication to students and generosity of time and talent.

“While it’s disappointing that we cannot come together to celebrate our amazing volunteers, we know that the most important thing we can do for our schools and community right now is to stay at home,” said Lisa Phair, Lakota DPC Chair. “We look forward to when we can come together to honor those who give unselfishly, to our students and our schools.”

DPC still hopes to hold the ceremony this fall (pending guidelines issued by the state), but the group wanted to share the winners with the Lakota community as this school year comes to a close.

DPC is proud to announce Shantelle Oyako as the 2019-2020 District Barb Bossu winner. From starting a food pantry in her car (which inspired pantries throughout the district) to creating Woodland Elementary’s “Get to School Club” (an all-inclusive organization where students are motivated by their peers and teachers to go to school and get an education), Shantelle works selflessly and inspires others. 

Below are all of the Barb Bossu winners; click here to read bios about each individual and the contributions they have made.

Creekside ECS: Heather Davis

Heritage ECS: Jessica Carter

Hopewell ECS: Amanda Wilson

Liberty ECS: Kayti Kennard

Shawnee ECS: Amy Meyer

Wyandot ECS: Shannon Hemsick

Adena Elementary: Linda Swiatek

Cherokee Elementary: Stephanie Patterson

Endeavor Elementary: Julie Gryder

Freedom Elementary: Jane Jones

Independence Elementary: Jennifer Smith

Union Elementary: Alex Ince

VanGorden Elementary: Kelly Hoffman 

Woodland Elementary: Carrie Lamping

Hopewell Junior: Susanne Page

Liberty Junior: Katie Kunz

Plains Junior: Jennifer Collier

Ridge Junior: Melissa St. Clair

Lakota East Freshman: Lisa Bohorfoush

Lakota East Main: Darla Higgins

Lakota West Freshman: Lesley Ferguson

Lakota West Main: Scott Vonderhaar

District: Shantelle Oyaku