Summer School

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Summer School 2019

Registration is closed, except for students needing credit recovery courses or OGT/EOC prep and testing.

Summer School Dates for 2019 are May 28th through July 3rd.
Summer School Location is Lakota East Freshman Building.

Secondary Summer School Information Page
Secondary Summer School - Jr High Information Page

What to Bring/ Where to Go:

PE Classes: Please wear athletic clothing and gym shoes and bring a water bottle. We will have signs and staff on hand to get you to the right area. Also, please complete the Emergency Medical Form and bring it the first day.

All Other Students: If you are a current Lakota student, you are expected to bring your Lakota laptop every day. Your device should have an adequate charge to make it through your session, or you will need to bring your own charger. We will have signs and staff on hand to get you to the right area. Please bring a notebook/paper and a pencil/pen.  Math students will need a calculator. Also, please complete the Emergency Medical Form and bring it the first day.

All Students Attending Summer School - All students must complete and turn in the Emergency Medical Form.

Click here for form.

(Credit Recovery, OGT/EOC only

Lakota Students for Credit Recovery ONLY

Please use EZPay to register for classes. New to registering through EZPay?  Use our registration directions to assist you.

If you need to register for recovery credit for Government or Economics, please email

Please verify ALL information prior to submitting your registration: Student Name, Course Name, Session, and Time.  REFUNDS for courses scheduled in error may take UP TO 8 WEEKS TO PROCESS. 

Non-Lakota Students for Credit Recovery ONLY

Please complete the District Registration Form and the Credit Recovery Form. You will also need the child's original birth certificate, the parent's driver's license, and any applicable custody documentation. All of this must be provided at the time of registration, along with payment for the course(s). Bring all paperwork to the Lakota Welcome Center at 5572 Princeton Road, Liberty Township, OH 45011. The hours are 8:00 – 4:30, Monday through Friday
District Registration Form
Credit Recovery Registration Form
OGT Students

Deadline for OGT Registration is May 31
st. Please complete the online OGT Registration Form to register for the OGT Assessment(s). 
OGT Registration Form

End-of-Course Assessment Students

Deadline for EOC Registration is May 31st. 
Students have the option to take the assessment only or to take the preparation sessions prior to the assessment dates for those re-taking an assessment. Please complete the online EOC Registration Formand take payment (there is only a cost if registering for prep classes) to the following:

Lakota Welcome Center
|5572 Princeton Road
Liberty Township, OH 45011

Still have a question? Contact or 513 259-6074.