Bus Safety & Procedures

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Bus Behavior Expectations

Parents' Role

Transporting children is a shared responsibility between home and school. While the district is responsible for children once they board their bus, families are solely responsible for the safety and supervision of their children to and from the designated bus stop and while students wait for their bus.

Parents or guardians of students in preschool through second grade are required to meet and receive their children at the bus stop. Children not met by their parents or guardians will be returned to their school building. If you want your child to be dropped off without a parent or guardian present, you must submit this request in writing to the transportation department.

Students' Role

Family support for appropriate behaviors is essential. Parents are asked to reinforce with their children the importance of obeying the district's Student Code of Conduct and all Bus Safety Rules when riding in a school bus. Such rules ensure the safety and welfare of all riders. Thus, if a child jeopardizes everyone's safety by repeatedly violating these rules, the student may ultimately be denied the privilege of riding the bus.

Consequences of Misbehavior

If a bus rider misbehaves, the following guidelines will be followed in disciplining the offender: 

  1. For a first offense, the student will be counseled by the driver as to the appropriate behavior that is expected.
  2. If the student’s inappropriate behavior continues, the bus driver will detail the student’s actions in writing to the building administrator. The building administrator will then contact the student’s parents/guardians and explain that an official warning has been given and that further misbehavior could result in removal of the student from the bus.
  3. If the student’s continued misbehavior warrants the bus driver submitting a second report, the student will be required to personally meet with the principal or assistant principal. Parents/Guardians may also be asked to attend this meeting.
  4. If the student must be referred to school administrators a third time, severe disciplinary action may be taken, including suspension from riding the bus for a period of time. When a pupil’s bus privileges are suspended, the student’s parents/guardians become responsible for transporting their child to and from school.
  5. Dangerous acts on a school bus are cause for immediate suspension from the bus.

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