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Welcome to Lakota Local Schools! 

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As our mission statement says, everything WE do is designed to provide a future-ready, student-centered learning experience for every single child. From our youngest learners to our high schoolers, we are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience.

Our focus is on high academic achievement, exploration and opportunity, as well as individualized measures of success through careful preparation. This emphasis on outstanding instruction is evident at every grade level.

We provide a safe and secure environment in which our students are able to grow academically, socially, emotionally and culturally. Personalized learning is achieved through tailoring the instructional environment to address the individual needs, skills and interests of the whole child. 

From preschool through high school, Lakota learning encompasses a wide range of programs and options to meet students where they are in their learning and prepare them for post-graduate success. Leading-edge technology, including our WE are Empowered 1:1 program for grades 3-12, enhances learning and elevates student readiness for one of the four Es after graduation: Enrollment in higher education, Enlistment in the military, Employment or Entrepreneurship. 

Such programs are possible because the district runs an effective and efficient day-to-day operational budget. We are committed to strong fiscal management practices that have put our finances in a stable operational outlook for the next several years. This is important as we continue to look at leveraging educational offerings for students in a fiscally responsible manner.

Moreover, we could not offer the best possible start for our students without the support of this community. We consider our parents, business leaders and local residents to be our partners. From parents staying involved through our multitude of parent engagement opportunities and corporations invested in our internship programs, to volunteers helping in our schools and Real World Learning opportunities in conjunction with our business partners, these community relationships complement the work our exceptional teachers are doing in the classroom.  

Our district is very active on social media, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Search for #WEareLakota to join the conversation and learn about the tremendous learning opportunities that are happening in classrooms throughout the district every day.


Matthew J. Miller


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If you’ve met me or follow me on social media, I hope you can see that one of my top priorities is to get out and listen. I hope you'll join me for one of my monthly "In the Loop with the Supe" events which now rotate between a virtual and an in-person format. 

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