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Fast Facts

Our District

A blonde teacher posing with a young student and an oreo spider craft for halloween
  • Total Schools: 23

  • Square Mileage: 63 

  • Communities Served: West Chester & Liberty townships

  • Grades: PreK-12

Students in their caps and gowns sitting at graduation

Our Students

  • Enrollment17,400
  • Multicultural Diversity: 40%
  • Attendance Rate: 98.5%
  • Graduates: 1,335 (691 East, 644 West)
  • Graduation Rate: 98.5%
  • Pursuing Higher Education: 78%
  • Military Commitments: 22
  • Honors Diplomas: 23%
  • Scholarships: $16 million+
one man and two woman smiling with black t shirts

Our Staff

  • Employees: 1,845

  • Teachers with Advanced Degrees: 79%

  • Working at Lakota 5+ Years: 63%

  • Average Teaching Experience: 17 yrs




5 LINCC students, an advisor, and school board member Linda O'Connor with award certificate

Our Finances

  • Annual Spending: $155.9 million  
  • Per Pupil Spending: $9,859  
  • General Fund Expenses Supporting Student Instruction & Services: 71% 
  • View Lakota's Financial Prospectus.  


Points of



Culturally Diverse:

With 38% of students celebrating their multicultural backgrounds, Lakota provides a culturally-diverse experience where respect and inclusion are taught as core values.

Fiscally Responsible:

Fewer than 5% of all entities that are audited annually earn the "Auditor of State Award with Distinction" - and Lakota has received the honor eight years in a row. 

1:1 Technology:

Through Lakota's WE are Empowered initiative, 100 percent of all students in grades 3-12 have access to their own Chromebook for daily learning.

Dogs of Lakota:

Lakota's pack of nine therapy dogs, and growing, are wagging their tails around the district, providing therapy and emotional support to even our youngest learners. 

The 4Es:

We believe in preparing every student for success after graduation in one of the 4Es: Enrollment in higher education; Enlistment in military service; Employment as a contributing member of our community; or Entrepreneurship.