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Strategic Plan

Teacher crouched down at a young student's table and giving directions

Lakota's strategic plan has been designed to be a blueprint for Lakota’s future. It reflects where we are now and where we want to go.

The Strategic Plan is a result of collecting feedback from stakeholders through online surveys and focus groups. More than 2,300 students, staff, parents and community members completed the surveys and 11 focus groups were held. The feedback showed the district’s strengths as well as opportunities for growth. Listening to stakeholders was a vital piece of the process to make sure that the direction Lakota is heading is the right one for them, as well as for the students.

Along with a strategic plan comes mission and vision statements. Lakota’s mission statement says: “Everything WE do is designed to provide a future-ready, student-centered learning experience for every single child.”

How the district will achieve this is built into the four pillars of the vision:

  • WE are Personalized;
  • WE are Future Ready;
  • WE are Fiscally Responsible; and
  • WE are In This Together.  

Each of the vision statements has action steps embedded in the plan. For example, improving structures and systems to align to the vision for personalized learning, as well as establishing professional development and training plans for all tiers of student support.

Being future ready aligns with the district’s emphasis on the four Es: upon graduation, students should be prepared for enrollment in higher education, enlistment in the military, employment or entrepreneurship. Real-world learning opportunities and the development of instructional strategies that include project-based learning are included in the action plan.

Fiscal responsibility is one of the pillars of the strategic plan and the district is committed to keep its promise to its residents by maintaining an efficient and effective budget. The district will continue to be good financial stewards by aligning its resources to its educational priorities while ensuring financial stability.

WE are in this together refers to the strong partnership between students, staff, parents and community members. Through an action plan that includes the development of non-traditional programs to engage parents and community members, strengthening two-way communication with stakeholders and continuing to encourage staff and student voice, the district embraces this partnership to achieve student success.