Quality Profile

students in innovation labLakota Issues 2018-19 Quality Profile

Lakota Local Schools is proud to share with the community its 2018-2019 Quality Profile.

This annual publication, mailed to every household and business in both West Chester and Liberty townships, is designed to give every Lakota resident a quick look at the major priorities and areas of focus driving our daily work.

“The state report card is just one tool for measuring our progress toward meeting state-directed benchmarks,” said Lakota Superintendent Matthew Miller. “But we go beyond the state minimums in so many areas, meaning there’s a lot of good work that doesn’t get captured and shared in the report card. This piece is designed to fill that gap by showcasing our performance in areas we value most, as well as sharing our goals for future growth.”

Click here to view the electronic version of the 2018-2019 Quality Profile. Extra printed copies are available at Lakota’s Central Office or any school’s main office.