County School Safety & Security Levy Update

Information on County School Safety & Security Levy
Posted on 06/27/2018
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At the June 11, 2018 Board of Education meeting, Jenni Logan, Treasurer/CFO of Lakota Local Schools, presented information regarding the proposed county-wide school safety and security levy.

In response to Senate Bill 226, the Butler County Educational Service Center (ESC) may choose to form a County School Financing District (CSFD). If formed, the CSFD may levy a tax for, among other things, current expenses for school safety and security and mental health services. These expenses may include the training and employment of, or contracting for the services of, safety personnel, mental health personnel, social workers and counselors.

While a local school district may propose a tax levy for safety and security, the levy language does not specifically include the mental health component that a county-wide levy would include.

The governing board of the ESC must create a CSFD by resolution. Once created, all local school districts that are members of the ESC are automatically included in the CSFD. If a local school district does not wish to be included in the CSFD, the local school board must adopt a resolution to withdraw from the CSFD. This resolution needs to be adopted no later than the last full week in July. On June 20 the Butler County ESC did adopt the resolution thereby creating the CSFD.

School districts outside of the county may pass a resolution to join the CSFD. Within 60 days of receiving the resolution, the ESC must vote to accept the district as part of the CSFD.

All districts wishing to remain member of the CSFD must pass identical resolutions requesting the CSFD to levy a tax for safety and security.

Copies of these resolutions must be filed with the state board of education and the CSFD.

Once the resolutions of all member districts are received, the CSFD would then submit a tax levy to the electors of the territory in the same manner as a board of education submits an operating levy: - The CFSD would submit a resolution of necessity and certify the number of mills requested to the county auditor. - The auditor would then determine the amount of revenue the proposed levy will generate within 10 days of receipt. - The resolution to proceed would be adopted by the CSFD board of elections at least 90 days prior to the election.

On June 14, member districts met to come to an agreement on the terms of the levy: - The levy would be an issue on the November 2018 ballot. - The levy would have a 10-year duration. - The funds collected would be distributed based on the school districts’ assessed valuation. 
- The millage will be 1.5 mills
- Annual Revenue: $4.4 million
- C
ost to taxpayers: $52.70 annually/$4.38 monthly (based on $100K home value)

For more information, please click
here to watch the June 11 school board meeting. The presentation on the proposed safety and security levy begins at 11:22.