Gifted Services Offer a Range of Resources to Parents, Students

Gifted Services Offer a Range of Resources to Parents, Students
Posted on 10/03/2016
This is the image for the news article titled Gifted Services Offer a Range of Resources to Parents, StudentsPhoto of student with gifted services advisorThrough a large menu of opportunities, gifted students at Lakota can participate in services and course work designed to meet their unique learning needs. The district offers a wide continuum of services, including an advanced curriculum, use of differentiated instructional strategies, placement in gifted programs and honors and advanced placement classes.

Because the world of gifted is so vast it can be difficult for parents to stay current on the multiple opportunities, resources and supports available – and that’s why Lakota’s Gifted Services is offering ongoing sessions to help educate and engage gifted students and their parents.

“We’ve created a three-part series to help our gifted students and their parents understand what curricular pathways and resources are available to them,” explains Jenifer Lodovico, director of Gifted Services.

“The recent Gifted 101 sessions provided an overview of identification, service and ways to support the gifted child. We’re pleased that more than 70 parents attended our elementary session. It was an excellent introduction to the identification process, the services available to students and we’re excited to share even more information at the upcoming Hot Topics and Hot Coffee event.” 

This session, which is the second in the three-part series, is designed as an informal time to discuss the social and emotional aspects that go along with being gifted.

“We want parents to be aware of issues such as executive functioning skills, the unique challenges faced by gifted students and why they matter for the gifted learner,” Lodovico states.

The Hot Coffee and Hot Topics session will be held Friday, October 14 at Lakota’s Central Office, 5572 Princeton Road. Parents of gifted learners in grades K-6 will gather from 9-10 a.m., then parents of students in grades 7-12 will convene from 10:15-11:15 a.m.

The third session, which will be held March 30, will focus on secondary career planning. Students will learn from career and high school panelists, encouraging them to look to the future and determine pathways for success in high school and then college.

For questions, please contact the Gifted Services department at 513 644-1186 or email; or visit