Students Get Hands-on Lesson about Metamorphosis

VanGorden Students Get Hands-on Lesson about Metamorphosis
Posted on 05/17/2019
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students looking at eggs while hatchingWhen third-grade teacher Katie Frambes asked, “Chicks are an example of what kind of metamorphosis?” just about every one of her students raised a hand. (The answer: incomplete metamorphosis.)

These VanGorden Elementary students are totally immersed in their life science lesson about life cycles. The third-graders are literally viewing the stages of complete and incomplete metamorphosis right in their classroom. They have watched caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies, are awaiting meal worms to turn into beetles, and are now witnessing eggs hatch into baby chicks.

This is the first year that Katie Frambes and fellow third grade teacher Jean Fox have included an incubator and eggs into their lesson. The Butler County OSU Extension Office provided everything they needed to bring this experience to their students.

The students were excited to explain how the first egg hatched. “When we came in from lunch, we saw that the chick had poked a small hole in the egg!” Later the chick (nicknamed “S’mores”) emerged and just laid there for a long time. The students postulated that it was because he was tired from all the work to come out of the egg, that his legs were not strong yet, and that the chick was too wet and needed to dry out. Now S’mores is moving around and chirping constantly, waiting for a sibling to join him. The students learned that the sound of chirping helps other chicks to start hatching.

When a student reported that another one of the eggs in the incubator was moving, students rushed to see the egg making slights movements. “I think the eggs and chicks added a new dimension to students’ learning, and I plan to use this experience again,” said Frambes.

Once the eggs have had the opportunity to hatch, the chicks and incubator will be returned to the Butler County OSU Extension Office.