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CCP Advanced Topics in Math with Calculus 3*

  • Grade 12
CCP Advanced Topics in Math with Calculus 3*

2650C High School and CCP Credit

2 semesters / 1 credit / Fee Required

This course is a survey of advanced topics in mathematics not typically found in a high school curriculum. The purpose of the course is to familiarize students with the broader world of mathematics that they will encounter if they choose to pursue a STEM-related field at the university level. Topics include graph theory, number theory, non-Euclidean geometry, explorations of infinity, the mathematics of fractals, the mathematics of cryptography, and 10-adic numbers. While surveying a variety of mathematical topics, students will also learn about the history of mathematics and how the modern mathematical landscape was shaped. There is a focus on balancing computation, conceptualization, and application. In this course students will also complete a semester of Calc 3 through taking Multi-Variable Calculus (MAT 253) for College Credit.  This course is a Math elective and does not count for NCAA eligibility or as a fourth math credit for state requirements.  It is intended for students who have already completed their four math requirements.

Graphing calculator is required (TI-83, 83+ or 84).
Prerequisite: Advanced Placement Calculus (recommended) AP Calculus (BC) required for students to earn Calc 3 College Credit  Special Requirements: Lakota CCP intent form completed (see CCP section for deadlines and information) & Cincinnati State University Enrollment.

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