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Advanced Courses for Grades 6-8

Students in grades 3-6 may identify for gifted services in math and/or English Language Arts (ELA). Separately, grades 6-8 may qualify for Advanced ELA, math, science and social studies. Advanced ELA and social studies cover the same grade-level learning standards in greater depth in grades 6-8. Advanced science is compacted curriculum in which students cover some sixth, seventh and eighth grade content standards. Advanced math covers all sixth grade and half of the seventh grade content standards. Families are notified of qualification in the summer after their fifth grade year. 

Qualification Requirements

The following outlines the qualification requirements for fifth-graders seeking out this enrichment opportunity.

Gifted Identification

*A student is identified as gifted in reading, math, science or social studies if he/she has scored at or above the 95th percentile in reading and/or math on an Ohio Department of Education and Workforce approved achievement assessment. A student is identified as cognitively gifted if he/she scores two standard deviations above the mean, minus the standard error of measurement, on an Ohio Department of Education and Workforce approved cognitive abilities test.  

Please use these directions to view student gifted identification information: Under “Student Support”, choose the plan date next to “Gifted In One or More Areas”. The gifted identification for the student will be listed along with the date of gifted identification.  Please see this resource for assistance on where to see information in HAC.

Test Scores

**Student projections on the EVAAS website project a student’s likelihood (as a percent probability) of achieving a performance level on a test. Those projections are calculated utilizing the testing history of the most recent group of students tested on a given test and comparing those histories to students who have not yet taken the test. Projections are made assuming the students who have not yet taken the test will receive the average schooling experience for the projected subject/year, and all of the students’ prior testing history is considered. Student projections in EVAAS are released annually in November.

For any students with missing EVAAS data, MAP assessment data can be used to determine viable placement. 

All EVAAS projection data can be found in HAC, using these directions: Under “Grades”, choose “Test Scores” and then look for the EVAAS projections for each subject area. Please see this resource for assistance on where to see information in HAC.

Decision Tool for Advanced Coursework

The student and family could complete the decision guide tool to assist in making a decision for advanced coursework.

Advanced Course Placement (Grades 6-8)

The following outlines the progression of advanced courses, by grade level, for ELA, math, science and social studies. 

Grade English Language Arts/English Mathematics Science Social Studies
6 Advanced ELA

Advanced Math 6
(Compacted Curriculum)

Advanced Science 6
(Compacted Curriculum)
Advanced Social Studies 6
7 Advanced ELA

Advanced Math 7
(Compacted Curriculum)

Advanced Science 7
(Compacted Curriculum)
Advanced Social Studies 7
8 Advanced ELA

Algebra I
(HS Credit)

Physical Science
(HS Credit)

World History
(HS Credit)

Advanced US History


Compacted Curriculum:

Curriculum combines multiple years of standards.  The course is taught at a rapid pace and will cover more than one year of material.  Students may be asked to work additional time outside of class to ensure that all standards are covered and can be mastered.

High School (HS) Credit:

Students will earn high school credit for this course.  Students will be required to take quarter and semester exams.  Grades and credits will be awarded at semester and become a part of the student’s permanent HS transcript.  Students will be required to take the Ohio End of Course Exam in Algebra I. Scores on the Ohio End of Course exam will count toward HS graduation.