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School bus outfitted with a red, black and white wrap and rainbow colored text that reads %22WonderBus%22

Lakota's WonderBus is a mobile learning space to help inspire wonder and curiosity in our community. 

Designed and outfitted by Lakota's curriculum team, the WonderBus is a former school bus transformed into a “Wonder Lab” or “STEAM Lab” on wheels. The mobile learning space gives parents and community members a dose of the Lakota learning experience, emphasizing exploration, creativity and critical thinking. 

With such spaces available for daily use in every Lakota school, the bus is reserved strictly for community events where families can enjoy the design thinking process together. The space hosts some of the same technology used on a daily basis by Lakota students, including:

  • iPads and Chromebooks
  • A light table and interactive monitor
  • Programmable robots
  • Virtual reality goggles
  • Legos and magnatiles
  • Marble runs and other tinkering tools

Follow the adventures of Lakota’s mobile classroom on social media by searching #WandatheWonderbus and #WEareLakota.

The whole idea is to extend the STEAM and Wonder lab experience beyond the classroom walls and involve parents. We want to model to our families how fun and engaging it can be to learn alongside one another.

Emily Hermann, K-6 Director of Curriculum & Instruction

When you experience technology as an extension of the learning experience, you quickly realize that it’s simply a tool we’re using to facilitate learning and keep students engaged.

Lori Brown, Executive Director Curriculum & Instruction