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Portrait of a Lakota Graduate and 4Es

The Portrait of a Lakota Graduate was adopted in the fall of 2019 to serve as a “north star” that clearly defines the skills, characteristics and attributes that WE in the Lakota community desire to see in every learner who graduates from Lakota. This Portrait is critical to defining two of the core pillars of Lakota's Strategic Plan - WE are Personalized and WE are Future Ready.  

Skills for Success

Blue circle with head and a light bulb coming out of it

Critical Thinkers

  • Collecting, assessing and analyzing relevant information
  • Reasoning effectively
  • Using systems thinking
  • Making sound judgments and decisions
  • Reflecting critically on learning experiences
  • Displaying a sense of curiosity for learning
Yellow circle with profile outline of a head and red, yellow, blue and green puzzle pieces inside

Persistent Problem Solvers

  • Demonstrating resiliency to accomplish difficult tasks
  • Overcoming academic and personal barriers to meet goals
  • Embracing failure as a desired step in the learning process
  • Solving real world problems for an authentic audience
  • Self-starting and self-directing of personal work toward responsibility and independence
Teal circle with laptop, book and colorful circle icons

Adaptable Learners

  • Mastering academic skills and content
  • Applying constructive feedback
  • Viewing change as a constant, positive growth opportunity
  • Using design thinking to brainstorm, elaborate, refine, analyze and evaluate creative ideas
  • Designing innovative solutions to personalized challenges
  • Engaging in the design of their personalized learning path
Purple circle with graphical representation of people holding hands in a circle

Responsible Collaborators

  • Seeking out diverse team members and opinions
  • Valuing shared responsibility for collaborative work and individual responsibility for each team member
  • Utilizing personal and team member strengths to design optimal collaborative problem solving strategies
  • Adapting collaborative work throughout a project to meet desired outcomes
Red circle with smaller blue circle in middle and two yellow heads and two orange speech bubbles

Effective Communicators

  • Listening actively and with purpose
  • Understanding purpose, audience and voice to design messaging
  • Speaking and writing clearly and purposefully
    Using appropriate technology and social media tools to communicate
  • Developing a responsible digital footprint


Yellow circle with two men in suits standing on puzzle pieces and shaking hands

Engaged Community Members

  • Impacting the community in a positive manner
  • Respecting and having empathy for others
  • Valuing diversity and seeking cultural understanding
  • Connecting learning to a Real World audience
  • Increasing awareness of global issues
  • Participating in civic-minded responsibilities