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Children's Hospital Winter Job Shadow Experience

Children's Hospital Winter Job Shadow Experience

The Cincinnati Children’s Liberty Campus is offering Lakota students a winter job shadowing opportunity. These one-day shadowing experiences offer students the ability to engage with professionals in high-demand career tracks within healthcare. The departments available for shadowing include:

  • Pharmacy 
  • Registered Nursing (in various departments)
  • Medical Doctor, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner (in various departments)
  • Physical Therapy

This is an excellent opportunity for students to understand what a day in the life might be like in these different professions. Students chosen for this experience will shadow the department of their choosing on an assigned date (Tuesdays) from 9:00am-12:00pm. This experience is available to current juniors and seniors only (participants must be 16 years or older). 

To express interest in participating in this experience, students must complete this form, submitting a resume and denoting which departments they are interested in shadowing. Not all students may be placed in their first choice of shadow rotation, and depending on the level of interest in participation students may or may not be able to participate in more than one rotation date. Dates are subject to change, and students will be placed in the dates available on a first come first served basis in order of application date. Should there be more interest than positions, students will be interviewed and selected for participation based on best-fit for a job shadow (gauging level of interest in the field, experience, professionalism, maturity, curiosity, etc.). Applications are open for this experience November 1-November 21. 

NOTE: To participate in this experience, students must provide the following medical records and documentation prior to December 15th. Should the student fail to complete and submit all appropriate documentation for submission the student will forfeit their shadowing position and be unable to participate. 

Required for Participation:

  • Lakota Parent Consent Form
  • Full Vaccination Records (can be supplied from school nurse or doctor and must show dates of: 
    • COVID Vaccination (2 Moderna, 2 Pfizer, or 1 J&J/Janssen)
    • Current flu shot
    • Two-Step TB Test results or TB Vaccination
    • Hepatitis B
    • MMR
    • Chicken Pox
    • DTP
  • Observer Confidentiality Form
  • 2024 Lakota Health Screen Form
  • real world learning