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Liberty Center Event Planning Internship

Liberty Center Event Planning Internship

Liberty Center is excited to offer an Event Planning Internship which will assist with the Paw Palooza pet event and Lights Up holiday event.

Student interns will be taught the steps to executing the event, from event ideation to event date. They will be taught the basics of researching and contacting event participants, creating and maintaining an event budget, and the proper documentation that is required with hiring/terminating entertainers. Student will gain experience in researching and contacting local organizations to gauge their interest in participating in the event, research activity/entertainment ideas and contacting them as potential entertainment for event and assisting with coordination and execution of event. Student will resume internship on two event dates in September and November to help staff and oversee the event.

Schedule (days/hours)

Students will be at Liberty Center on site for 8 hours per week, one Saturday in September and one Saturday in November on event dates, exact event dates/times TBD. An internship connect conversation will be held in person every Monday for four hours, can connect throughout the week, as needed.

In-person once a week, virtually/email/phone as needed. Virtual work could include researching potential participants and vendors for event. Discussions with school clubs, teams, etc. for possible participation. Information to then be reviewed by supervisor who will provide guidance.

Internship requirements/prerequisites/standards

Intern should be excited to be creative. Comfortable working with in-person communication, discussing their ideas and thoughts and providing their feedback.

Intern should expect to be appropriately dressed and conduct themselves in a professional business manner in-person, as well as electronically through email. Intern should be respectful of those they come in contact with at the Center, whether they are a customer, tenant, or property employee.

Communication will be conducted via in-person communication or via email

Best fit candidates would be preferable to have work experience related to event planning, organization, cold calls, communication with local organizations. Participation in extracurricular activities at school or within the community is a plus.

To Apply:

Internship will be held over the summer with a start late of June and run through early August. Two additional event dates in September and November.

Students must complete the internship application form, submitting a cover letter and resume via the form by April 12, 2024. Interviews will be conducted with students, and notification of award of internship offers will be made in the two weeks following. Additionally, paperwork will be required of selected students to be submitted prior to the start of the internship and will be due May 10, 2024.

Internship Expectations

Students who are most qualified for this internship will be mature, driven individuals with an interest in learning more about careers in the internship industry. A professional demeanor is a must, and school performance and attendance will be considered for selection. THIS IS AN UNPAID INTERNSHIP. NO COMPENSATION OR SCHOOL CREDIT WILL BE AWARDED. INTERNSHIP TO BE COMPLETED WITHOUT ENTITLEMENT TO A PAID POSITION AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE INTERNSHIP.