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Community Curriculum Advisory Team

Community Curriculum Advisory Team

The Community Curriculum Advisory Team (CCAT) brings together appointed community members and district curriculum leaders to proactively make informed recommendations and reactively respond to concerns about Lakota's curriculum. 

Each quarterly meeting addresses both the reactive and proactive functions of the groups and ends with a recommendation to Lakota's curriculum team. 

Proactive Responsibilities

Primarily, CCAT is designed to provide recommendations to Lakota’s curriculum leaders through a process that proactively identifies specific curricular needs or concerns. This is achieved in the form of a multi-year curriculum review schedule set by CCAT members.

Reactive Responsibilities

Because CCAT was created in response to the Board of Education’s request for a curriculum audit, the team is also charged with overseeing the process for submission and review of specific curricular questions or concerns. 

This process starts with a curriculum submission via Lakota Listens. Once investigated and addressed with the parties involved, the curriculum team shares the outcome with CCAT members. 

Submit a Question or Concern

Current CCAT Members

Each board member is responsible for appointing a representative to serve on the CCAT for a two-year term. Representatives are required to have professional experience in education or a related field, be current residents and not be employed by Lakota.

Inaugural team members Appointed by
Michael Albrecht  Julie Shaffer
Regina McCall Kelley Casper
Ian Murray Isaac Adi
Vanessa Wells Darbi Boddy
Dr. Diane Wiater

Lynda O’Connor



Introducing Lakota's Curriculum Council overlapping hands in a circle

Interim Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli presented a proposal to the Board of Education at its Feb. 26 meeting to restructure the current Community Curriculum Advisory Team (CCAT) into a larger Curriculum Council, shifting the ownership of the committee to the superintendent and executive director of curriculum. “The rationale is to make sure that the staff and the community who want to engage in the work of the schools (regarding curriculum) are able to do so,” Lolli told the Board.

teacher explaining lesson to 2 students community curriculum advisory team recap Nov meeting

Lakota’s Community Curriculum Advisory Team (CCAT) held its regular meeting on Nov. 16. Using themes derived from the community-wide ThoughtExchange launched earlier this school year, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction Lori Brown shared the topics for the evening, including curriculum adoption, professional development and changes to the program of studies.