'Hawk's Choice' Offers 30+ Learning Activities 

Liberty Junior's 'Hawk's Choice' Offers Over 30 Learning Activities 
Posted on 11/12/2018
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Photos of Hawks Choice learning activities

Advisory period at Liberty Junior School looked a little different last week. Encouraging teacher voice, student voice and student choice were all a part of creating an event called Hawk’s Choice.

Students had the opportunity to choose from over 30 different activities that the teachers chose to lead, based on their passions. The idea for Hawk’s Choice started with the school’s Building Leadership Team’s discussions about advisory period. While the team has thought about offering students choices during this time for the last few years, the period was never long enough to build it the way they wanted. “When we decided to block that time and make advisory 70 minutes long, we realized it opened up opportunities,” said Assistant Principal Linda Burwinkle. “We talked at length about this being a time that is not tied to a grade and a time we could be creative in how it is spent with students,” she continued.

Prior to the school year beginning, administrators asked the teachers, if given the opportunity, what would they teach to students. Burwinkle explained that while many of the teachers had a topic immediately, others weren’t as sure. Administrators then looked to the students. After receiving ideas from a student survey, teachers who didn’t have a set idea were able to lead a class based on student input.

Students had a wide range of options to choose from for their first Hawk’s Choice experience: learning a musical instrument, playing board games, candle making and learning the stock market are just a few examples. LeBron Powell, an eighth-grader, experienced yoga for the first time...and enjoyed it. “It helps your body get fit,” he said. Although he’s never done yoga before, LeBron said that “everybody was serious about it, but some of it was hard to do if you’re not too flexible.”

Fellow eighth-grader Erica Cox took part in an escape room challenge - although the students had to unlock a box instead of leaving a room. Working as a team of four, the students had to answer questions to get clues as to how to unlock their box. “They were actually difficult questions,” Erica said. “We were excited to open the box because there was candy inside of it!”

Burwinkle said a survey will be sent to both students and staff to capture their thoughts on the first Hawk’s Choice, but notes that “the verbal comments have been overwhelmingly positive.”

Both LeBron and Erica definitely see the value in the day. “The point was to have fun and come together to do something,” said LeBron. Students and staff will have at least four more opportunities to take part in Hawk’s Choice this year.