Back to School: Your Questions Answered

Back to School: Your Questions Answered
Posted on 07/28/2016
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It’s that time of year again! Summer is coming to a close and beginning Tuesday, August 16, Lakota teachers and support staff will be welcoming back new and returning students. Here is some important information to keep in mind as you and your family gear up for the new school year.


When is the first day of school?
Tuesday, August 16 – Grades 1-12
August 17/18 - Kindergarten phase-in days (vary by building)

What are my school’s hours?

Click here to view a complete list of arrival and dismissal times for each Lakota school building.


How do I find my student’s school supply list?

Early childhood, elementary and junior high school supply lists can be found on the district’s supply list page. High school students will receive supply lists from their teachers on the first day of school.


Does my student receive bus services?

Lakota provides transportation to all students in kindergarten and first grade. Eligible students in grades 2-6 who live more than one mile from their school will receive transportation. Eligible students in grades 7-8 will receive busing if they live more than two miles from their school. Lakota does not provide busing at the high school level. Please visit Lakota's Transportation page for more information.

How do I look up my student’s bus route and teacher assignment?

Bus route information will be available from Lakota’s bus provider on Aug. 10. At that time, you will be able to view bus and ECS/elementary teacher assignments for the 2016-2017 school year on Lakota’s bus routes page. A link will be prominently posted from the district’s homepage when the information is available.

Lakota students will need their student ID to access this information online. Your student’s ID can be found on his/her report card and/or lunch card. Non-public students will receive a transportation ID in the mail to access their bus route information.


What is Home Access Center and how do I access it?

Home Access Center (HAC) is a communications tool to help keep students and parents up-to-date and in contact with their teachers throughout the year. Use HAC to find daily assignments and scores, interim reports and report cards, schedules, attendance, and more.

HAC will be open for all students and parents with 2016-17 information by Aug. 11.

To modify any contact information in HAC before this time, please contact your school's main office. Families new to the district will receive their usernames and passwords from their schools. Returning families who lost their login information should contact their school’s main office.

Review this new user guide for more details on how to take full advantage of HAC.

Home Access Center is now available in a mobile app, allowing you to view all information from any mobile device. Search for "eSchoolPLUS Family" in your app store. The mobile app will be available on Aug. 11 as well.


I’m new to Lakota. How do I enroll my student?

Visit our Enrollment Center page for everything you need to enroll your child at Lakota, including office hours and required documents. If you are planning to have your student start the first day of school, please have all of your documents to the Enrollment Center by the end of the business day on Thursday, Aug. 11.

How do I update my home address?

To update your address, please visit Lakota’s Enrollment Center at 8735 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd. See the Enrollment Center page for office hours and required documents.


How can I receive communications from Lakota or update my phone numbers and email addresses?

Lakota has recently upgraded its mass notification system for delivering important school and district messages via email, phone and text message. All mass Lakota communications are now disseminated from our new communications platform, providing these improved benefits to you:  

  • Customize your notification preferences. Choose which phone numbers and email addresses should receive which types of communications – emergency, weather-related or general school/district news and announcements.
  • No more annual updates. The new system automatically recognizes your associated school(s), grade level(s) and even language preference, and will update as this information changes in our student and staff databases.
  • Manage your sign-ups from a single platform. While we still ask that parents and guardians keep their information in Home Access Center updated for one-on-one communication needs, all mass notification sign-ups will happen in one location now. If you wish for teachers and staff to reach you at a different phone number or email address, click here to visit Home Access Center. Select “Registration” from the top menu, then “Edit” under the Contacts heading.

Click here for more information on how you can sign-up, view or change your communication preferences. All parents and guardians are asked to set up an account to review your current contact information and settings, which is now being pulled directly from Home Access Center. Your prior subscriptions were not necessarily transferred to the new platform.


What’s for breakfast and lunch?

Breakfast and lunch menus for August, September and October are available online. Use EZPay to add to your child's lunch account or check the balance. Learn more about applying for free and reduced price school meals and reporting special dietary needs and food allergies to the Child Nutrition department.

What are my student fees and how do I pay them?

Parents will notice lower overall student fees, and in some cases shorter supply lists, this school year after the Treasurer’s Department enacted some strategic financial changes.

A detailed breakdown of both academic and extracurricular fees, pending board approval at the Aug. 8 meeting, are available on the student fees webpage. Individual student fee balances will be posted to students’ EZPay accounts at the beginning of August for ECS and elementary students and at the beginning of September for junior high and high school students.

For the first time, Lakota is introducing a three-month student fee holiday, which eliminates the $2.00 convenience fee typically required of any online payments. As both an incentive to remit payment early and promote the convenience of online payment, the student fee holiday will extend through Oct. 31.  EZPay is available to pay student fees, add to your child's lunch account, or check the balance.


How else can I stay connected to Lakota all year long?

Be sure to check out Lakota’s newly-redesigned website, launching Aug. 2. The new look and navigation provide a major improvement for accessing information and keeping up on all the great things happening district-wide.

Follow Lakota on Facebook. Receive daily updates on important announcements, upcoming events, photos, videos, news stories and more via
Lakota’s Facebook page. Be sure to participate in the annual back-to-school photo contest on Lakota's Facebook page, too. Submit your proudest first day photos for inclusion in the official contest gallery. Then share them with your friends to rack up the votes, or "likes," for a chance to win.

You can also download Lakota's mobile app to your Droid, iPhone or iPad. Search for "Lakota Schools" in the iTunes or Google play stores for critical updates, district news headlines, upcoming events, photo galleries and more!

If you have additional questions, please contact your school’s main office or the Lakota Central Office at 513-874-5505.