Krista Heidenreich

Krista Heidenreich

Director of Digital and Professional Learning

. Krista’s work and leadership of Team Inspire provides professional growth opportunities that not only empower teachers with modern instructional strategies and resources but also inspire and renew passions.  Krista believes in “practice what you preach” and believes that as we ask teachers to deliver personalized learning experiences to our students, we must do the same for our teachers


In Krista's Words: 

I started my teaching career as a first grade teacher. (BEST JOB EVER!)  During that time I received a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology. After 11 years in the classroom, while earning my second Master's Degree in Educational Leadership, (and getting married and having three beautiful boys), I became an Instructional Specialist.  A year later, I graduated (again) and took my first job in Lakota! After a few years in building administration, I was given the opportunity to become the Director of Digital Learning and well, I now spend my time with fabulous people who are in it for kids and it shows each and every day!

I pride myself on being a positive person and I am here to encourage, support and empower our teachers and students as we continue the journey of creating the ultimate learning experiences for our students!  

I am all about application so any way that I can support bringing ideas to life in the classroom...count me in!

My Favorite Things:

I love food, flea markets, watching my boys play soccer and just hanging out with my family! My boys are at VanGorden, Liberty Jr and East High and my hubby drives a bus for Lakota so I guess it’s safe to say... #WEareLakota!