Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson

Asst Director, Curriculum & Instruction 9-12, West

Justin collaboratively leads the West HS team of learners by providing instructional direction and support to live the mission and vision of the district.


In Justin's Words: 

My senior year of high school I was convinced I was going to be a chemist and had pre-enrolled at Xavier University with that major.  However, during my last semester of high school I got to mentor students from one of our district’s elementary schools. That experience completely changed the direction of my sails and I realized that helping young people on their journey through school was my life’s calling.  After 17 years in the classroom I spent three as a high school assistant principal, impacting staff and students in new ways. But now I am excited to join the Lakota Learning team and to provide guidance and support to building administrators and teachers as they develop a more student-centered school experience.

Outside of education, I am passionate about my faith and church life, finding it as a great source of strength.  I am also an avid sports fan, loving to spend time in my ‘man cave’ watching baseball, managing my fantasy football team, and organizing my memorabilia collection.  My incredible teenage son Ashton joins me in this sports passion (in between video games) and my wonderful wife Cherise keeps us both in line. They are a great inspiration to my life.

My favorite books include Eric Scheninger and Tom Murray’s Learning Transformed, Anthony Kim and Kim Gonzalez Black’s New School Rules, Lost at School by Ross Greene. My favorite follows include Jimmy Casas along with the many great leaders at Lakota that share how they are impacting our students. What I hope to bring to this team is a communicator’s mindset and a strong sense for making connections between initiatives and implementation.  I am well versed in data analysis, systems thinking and finding practical ways to bring theory towards practice.

My Favorite Things:

Listening to music of all types

Purple flowers

Silent meditation

Watching sports and collecting memorabilia

Deep discussions with a few friends over coffee or a meal