Ron Henrich

Ron Henrich

Gifted Support Advisor 7-12

Currently located in the Secondary schools in classrooms to advance critical thinking, creativity in the domain of social studies, ELA and at times science as well as provide social-emotional support.

In Ron's Words: 

My undergraduate degree was a B.A. in History from Eastern Kentucky University and my Master’s Degree came from Xavier in education with an emphasis in Gifted.  

In Lakota I have taught primarily gifted students at Hopewell Junior for about 25 years in the domain of U.S. and World History.  This will be my second year working out of Central Office to work with identified gifted students. I currently work under the excellent leadership and tutelage of Lori Brown and Lauren Webb.

As far as family, I married my wife Krista in 1996 and we have two children Sam 18 and Elly 17.  Sam studied Carpentry at Warren County Career Center and is currently working in that field. Elly is studying to be a Veterinarian at Warren County Career Center in their Veterinary Science program. Krista is an Occupational Therapist Assistant and Assistive technology specialist in Loveland Schools.  

My why?  Oh that’s easy, I love to see the hunger in kids to learn more and to help facilitate those eureka moments that can be found in a student’s eyes, when they have discovered something new.  Those feelings of opening new pathways to understanding echoes my own belief system that we are to strive to achieve and learn to the best of our abilities through reading, applying and modeling best practices.  We are actors on a stage and we better show up as present in the moment every day to maintain the insatiable desires of a gifted student who wants to change the world.  

My own interests include family vacations, seeing new sights and sharing those moments with my immediate family on excursions that enhance my own reading on historical civilizations and cultures.  I’m an avid baseball fan, but I also try to learn about what the people around me care about as well, so it assists my active listening skills.  

I’m a student of learning in the areas of history, pedagogy, classic literature and I try to see every meaningful movie that a student would see in order to provide pathways into analogies that make a lesson have some sense to an adolescent.  By reading what they read and seeing what they see, it forms a natural bond that allows me access to more than their academic life, but it gives me insight into what their interests are...This leads me to natural segues when challenges arise in life.  My job/passion as I see it is to monitor and provide support to gifted students who are struggling with balancing life with the pressures of academics, the school climate/culture and I try to help them navigate through those difficulties.  


My Favorite Thing 

Being home with my family is my favorite thing in the word. 

My Favorite Place

If I could go anywhere, it would be the lake or swimming at grandma's.

My Favorite Book

Zen and the Art of the Motorcycle Maintenance Man, Atlas Shrugged, Term limits, Skinny Legs and All, followed by Guns, Germs and Steel to round out my top five.