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The personalized Lakota learning experience reaches its pinnacle as students enter junior school and plan their path forward to one of the 4 E’s (Enrollment in higher education, Enlistment in military service, Employment as a contributing member of our community, or Entrepreneurship). 
We believe in empowering every student to be “future-ready” and have developed the Portrait of a Lakota Graduate to outline the skills, characteristics, and attributes that our community believes are essential for students to be successful in their future. These Portrait of a Graduate skills are best developed by Real World Learning - connecting our content and our students to an authentic audience to solve real world challenges. 

Elementary Advanced Placement Information to come.

Our secondary program, which includes a range of honors and Advanced Placement courses, varies in opportunity to challenge students at all different learning levels. Our focus is always on academic growth and achievement, and a personalized learning experience, with a special emphasis on early and frequent exploration of different possible career paths. 

And so, we are proud to offer a multitude of options for earning high school credit at Lakota. These options go beyond the traditional experience of selecting courses from our Program of Study and attending courses at a Lakota high school during the regular school day: Summer School, the Physical Education Waiver, Credit Flexibility options, and College Credit Plus. 

We also invite students seeking an alternative high school educational experience to explore our Career Readiness Academy. Students can work at their own pace with the benefits of a curriculum that combines online instruction with one-on-one support.

Through these options, students will graduate with a similar set of knowledge and skills, but they may get there in different ways. Students will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of paths and individualize their learning experiences to meet their long-term goals.