Star In Lakota's Back-to-School Karaoke

Star In Lakota's Back-to-School Karaoke
Posted on 07/28/2020
This is the image for the news article titled Star In Lakota's Back-to-School KaraokeSing it Lakota!Lakota Local Schools is ramping up for a school year like like no other - and WE need students, staff, parents and community partners to help us get it started on the right foot! Lakota Karaoke 2.0, which follows last year's hit school bus karaoke debut, will feature the Lakota community celebrating a safe and energetic return to school - through song! Submit your homemade music videos through Friday, Aug. 7!

To the tune of "Copacabana," we invite students, staff, parents and friends to submit videos of them freestyling the re-written lyrics to "At Lakota." LIsten to the sample music track to hear how the lyrics line up with the tune. To help ensure your submission gets included in the final cut, please consider these guidelines: 
  • All videos should be taken horizontally (not vertically).
  • For optimal quality, take your video in a well-lit and quiet location.
  • Consider using earbuds to listen the music track while singing along. (We need only your singing voice to lay over the music track and no other background noises.) 
  • Feel free to sing the whole song from beginning to end or just part of it. 
  • Get creative and have fun with it. And if you're not up for singing, there's plenty of room in the final cut for people with fun dance moves!
Please use this form to share your best videos with us no later than Wednesday, Aug. 5. Videos can also be emailed to WE can't wait to see all the talent in our Lakota community!