Lakota's New Learning Management System Expanding

Lakota's New Learning Management System Expanding
Posted on 08/26/2016
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Lakota’s partnership with Canvas, a learning management system used by K-12 districts and universities nationwide, is bringing hundreds of Lakota teachers and students a single platform for expanded digital learning.

“Technology’s impact on student learning has exploded over the last few years. While this impact is far-reaching, it can also impede instructional progress if we’re trying to use too many tools all at the same time, “said Chief Technology Officer Todd Wesley.

“Canvas allows our students to access instructional information and digital resources at any time and from a single location for multiple courses. It also gives our parents the ability to partner with teachers and observe the process in a way that supports their student’s progress.”

A successful pilot of this levy promise took place in Lakota high schools at the start of last school year, and expanded into the junior high schools last winter. Students experienced the added benefit of such features as supplemental digital content and assignments, a course calendar, student-to-teacher and student-to-student collaboration tools, alerts and more. Students, staff and parents will continue to see just how powerful this new tool is, especially as teachers continue their training on new features and applications for student learning.

This school year, hundreds more Lakota teachers are using Canvas. At the junior high and high school levels, the tool will expand school-wide to those courses designed for such a tool by second semester. Lakota elementary schools have designated a group of teachers to pilot Canvas this year and plan to expand it to all classrooms by fourth quarter. At the early childhood schools, Canvas is also being explored, more as a parent communication tool.

 Students and parents can access Canvas course information and content 24/7 and from any device. Home Access Center, Lakota’s student and parent portal for grades, attendance and student information, will include grades for both traditional and Canvas assignments.

“Excitement grows as our Digital Learning Team continues to work with hundreds of teachers to support and expand purposeful integration of technology into student learning. Canvas allows our teachers to digitally enhance student learning in an organized and modern way,” said Krista Heidenreich, Lakota’s Director of Digital Learning.

“As with anything new, especially at such a large scale, we appreciate the patience of the thousands of students, parents and staff as Canvas expands,” Heidenreich added.


District Website Features Easy Access to Growing List of Parent Resources

Lakota continues to expand its parent resources to support student success. Applications like Info Center, the new Lakota Online and Canvas join the list of parent tools offered by the district to keep parents informed and engaged in their child’s learning experience.

A new page on Lakota’s website, accessible at, catalogues the many available online parent resources, their purpose and if applicable, any relevant mobile apps. Any new parent tools will be added to this one-stop shop, so please bookmark this page for quick and easy access.