COVID-19 Dashboard

Lakota's COVID-19 Data Dashboard

With the return to in-person learning this school year, Lakota is committed to responsibly tracking and sharing positive cases of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) among our students and staff. Effective Jan. 13, 2021 for the start of second semester, this includes reporting daily positive cases as well as student attendance rates to give our community a better understanding of the impact COVID-19 and other illnesses are having on our schools. 

A daily update will be posted to Lakota's COVID-19 dashboard each morning showing the student attendance rate and number of student and staff positive cases for the day prior. Every Monday, a summary of the prior week totals will be posted. The daily and weekly reports include information by building and district-wide. 
The most updated data is shown below; click on the arrows under the chart to see all previous daily and weekly reports.

Cumulative District-Wide Data - Second Semester

  Students   Staff Students 
Second Semester
308 55 93% 
February 2021 135 24 92%
January 2021 173  31  94%

Cumulative District-Wide Data - First Semester

  Students   Staff Students   Staff
First Semester
468 163 5,172 345
December 2020 221 53 2,082 67
November 2020 173 85 1,891 151
October 2020 52 15 779 73
September 2020  16  7  315 37
August 2020  6  3  105  17