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A Message from the Superintendent

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Matt Miller

Welcome to Lakota Local Schools!

As we look ahead to the start of the 2017-18 school year, I’m not sure who is more excited - the students, parents, staff or myself? I am truly honored to serve as the Superintendent for the Lakota Local School District.

As I get settled here at Lakota, I will be embarking on a listening tour to get to know as many students, staff members, parents, residents and community and business leaders as I can.  I want to take the time to have a real conversation with as many people as possible so I can get to know you and learn more about the priorities of this great community.

One thing I know for sure is that you can continue to expect great opportunities and great value out of the Lakota Local School District. The teachers, staff, and administration are committed to providing each student an excellent educational experience.

Our focus is on high academic achievement, exploration and opportunity, and individualized measures of success through careful preparation. This emphasis on outstanding instruction is evident at every grade level – with 91% of Lakota parents rating the district’s quality of education as excellent or good.

We work hard to ensure a safe and inclusive learning environment in which each child is comfortable and secure. From modern, data-driven instructional approaches – to the incorporation of technology and other resources, our exceptional staff offer personalized support to match the diverse needs of our students.

Such programs are possible because the district runs an effective and efficient day-to-day operational budget. I know the district is committed to strong fiscal management practices that have put the finances in a stable operations outlook for the next few years. This is important as we continue to look at leveraging educational offerings for students in a fiscally responsible manner.

Moreover, certainly we could not offer the best possible start for our students without the support of this community. We consider our parents, business leaders and local residents as partners. From parents ensuring homework is completed to corporations involved in our internship programs, from volunteers helping at the schools to non-profit organizations which our schools and students support through community service projects, all combine to complement the work our outstanding teachers are doing in the classroom. 

Thank you for your support and I hope you will take the time to learn more about the great opportunities and great value we offer.

Yours in Education,

Matt Miller


Join Me at an Upcoming Coffee Chat 

If you’ve met me or follow me on social media, I hope you can see that one of my top priorities now and for the next several months is to get out and listen. I cannot emphasize enough the value I find in getting to know as many students, staff members, parents, residents and community and business leaders as possible. Real conversations are the only way to learn more about this community’s priorities for education.

So I hope you'll join me for one of my monthly Coffee Chats. For an hour, I will be available for drop-in conversation with parents and residents at local coffee houses (rotating between West Chester and Liberty Township locations).

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