Enrollment Numbers, Capacity Spike for Lakota Preschool

Enrollment Numbers, Capacity Spike for Lakota Preschool
Posted on 09/01/2016
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A few spaces are still available for the 2016-17 school year...

Some strategic changes to Lakota’s preschool program this school year allowed the school district to contain costs, while maximizing student service levels and academic programming for even more students.

The new model allows the Head Start program to operate independent from Lakota’s preschool program, and using a curriculum that suits the unique academic, social and emotional needs of Head Start students.

As a result, administrators and teachers redesigned Lakota’s preschool curriculum to better meet the wide range of needs among Lakota’s preschool learners. The program is built around “center-based classrooms,” or classrooms made up of an equal number of students with disabilities and typical, tuition-paying students.

The changes nearly doubled Lakota’s preschool classrooms this year, opening up about 64 additional spots for tuition-paying students (spaces previously reserved for Head Start students), and bringing the wait list down from 55 students last year to zero this year.

In fact, despite the original enrollment deadline passing, Lakota is proud to announce that it can still accommodate up to five more preschool students for the 2016-17 school year. To learn more about Lakota’s preschool program, click here.  Visit the preschool registration site to complete and submit an application for one of the remaining spots.