Identification and Testing

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Identification & Testing

Lakota’s gifted identification model follows the standards mandated by the State of Ohio. A Lakota student may qualify for gifted services in either of two ways: whole grade testing or testing for second opportunity.  (Second Opportunity is for Cognitive Identification ONLY).(opens in a new window) (opens in a new window) (opens in a new window)

Whether a student is being referred to the gifted program as current student or as a transfer student from a different school district, Lakota offers ample internal referral and transfer opportunities for identification and testing.

There are also appeal and withdrawal processes for any family seeking further consideration or withdrawal from the program.


Whole Grade Testing

During the elementary years, Lakota administers tests to all students across various grades. The Terra Nova and InView tests are national tests used to assess achievement and ability.  The results from tests are used for a variety of reasons:

  • Identification of potentially gifted students.
  • Planning for differentiated instruction.
  • Data points to qualify for advanced placement classes. In most situations, a singular score does not place a student.
Parental permission to test is not required for whole grade testing.

Accessing Test Results
Results can be found within your child's account on Home Access Center. Once logged in, go to Report Card, then choose Test Scores.

Students are identified as academically gifted from the Terra Nova Achievement Tests in reading/language arts, math, science and social studies. In addition, the MAP assessment, given two to three times annually, can serve to identify students as academically gifted in reading and math. The Ohio Department of Education Revised Code set the 95th percentile, or above, as the NPR (National Percentile Ranking) for identification. The 50th percentile is the norm average with the average range being from the 25th percentile to the 75th percentile.

Students are identified as cognitively gifted from the InView Test, as noted by the CSI (Cognitive Student Index). The Ohio Department of Education set a score of 128 or above for identification. The norm average score is 100 with the average range from 85-115.

Students whose scores meet this criteria for gifted identification are reported on the Educational Information Management System (EMIS) as gifted. Notification is given to families via a letter explaining the criteria for identification.

Click here for more information about how to interpret Terra Nova and InView scores, offered by DRC Corporation

You will be first prompted to complete a couple fields, This information is not intended to be used for marketing purposes but allows you access to the information. 'Lakota' or Lakota Local Schools' can be used for district name.

Click here for more information about national vs. state testing.


Second Opportunity Student Testing (Cognitive only)

Request Process

Ohio operating standards require that districts offer individual assessment opportunities two times per school year. Lakota Local Schools offers an additional testing period. For all additional assessment requests beyond these pre-scheduled ones, a Gifted Identification Referral Form  (opens in a new window) should be completed and returned to the Gifted Services office via mail, email or fax.
Questions? An FAQ about 2nd opportunity testing  will be posted closer to each testing date.  (opens in a new window) (opens in a new window)

Winter Testing Period
This period for testing provides another window of time to assess students for gifted identification.  Results of testing will be discussed with school educators and parents but a change of placement will not likely occur at this point in the year. The deadline to submit the request form to Gifted Services at the Central Office is tba.

  • The Winter test date is tba.

Spring Testing Period
Following receipt of the March whole grade testing reports, families may want a second opportunity to test. This date is an opportunity for a whole-group administered ability test. The deadline to submit the request form to Gifted Services  is  5/17/21 for the 5/24 testing date.

  • The Spring test date is tba.

Summer Testing Period
This testing period is for students new to Lakota who need a current ability score to aid in class placement for the coming school year. A change of placement for current Lakota students will not occur due to an August assessment, as classes have already been filled and staffed. Students transferring into Lakota from another school district may request testing after enrollment. Only assessments on the Ohio Department of Education’s approved list are accepted; test scores within the previous two years may be used for identification.

  • Students new to Lakota in the current school year should contact their school principal regarding testing.


Referrals, Transfers, Appeals & Withdrawals