Parent Mentor

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Parent Mentor

The Parent Mentor works to support the relationship between the school and the family of a child with a disability. By working closely with parents and teachers, the Parent Mentor is an important part of the student's educational team. Families can also receive information and support about special education issues from the Parent Mentor.

The Parent Mentor provides one-to-one support to parents, either by telephone or in person. Services provided include:

  • Attending IEP or other school meetings with parents.
  • Parent training, including training about legal rights.
  • Liaison services between parents and school district personnel.
  • Networking parents to other parents familiar with specific disabilities. 

The Ohio Department of Education-Division of Special Education funds the Parent Mentor project. 

The Parent Mentor is an experienced parent of a child with a disability. Contact information for Lakota's Parent Mentor is below: 

Terri Doerr, Parent Mentor
Phone: (513) 874-0175 x23603 (at Creekside ECS)
Phone: (513) 777-6128 x12207 (at Hopewell ECS)
Email: [email protected]