Wyandot First-Graders Become the Teachers

Wyandot First-Graders Become the Teachers
Posted on 10/25/2016
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“Families have an idea of what takes place in an art class, gym class or a music class.But our technology class is a new concept – and who better to teach this new concept than the first-graders themselves?”

Wyandot Early Childhood Principal Mary Brophy said that was the impetus for the Technology Night held at the school this week.

“We have had technology nights in this past, but this year we shifted to including the children instead of only providing information to the parents. The children were able to bring the work to life, and families gained a greater understanding of what their children are telling them about school.”

And judging from the smiles, laughter and “aha” moments taking place throughout the room that night, it worked.

Lakota’s Technology Special serves students in grades 1-6 throughout the Lakota district. Once a week for 18 weeks, students focus solely on technology, just as they do with other ‘special’ classes like art, music and physical education.

The evening was led by Abigail Detcher, who teaches first grade technology in all of Lakota’s early childhood schools.

“Many of the students have tried to explain to their families the digital tools we use, but actually seeing how the tools work makes all the difference,”said Detcher.  “One of the most popular are digital assessment tools we use to build and customize surveys and quizzes.” Parents were able to experience how the game design encourages increased instructional engagement and social interaction with the teacher and their peers.

From there, the families were invited to try other digital learning tools at various stations around the room. Children and adults worked together to try new things and explore technology as if they were working in a first grade technology classroom.

“The students were excellent teachers for their families,” said Detcher. “Having the parents and children interacting with the technology together was a great way to showcase early childhood technology learning.”