Speech Class Leaves Lasting Impression on Alumni

Speech Class Leaves Lasting Impression on Alumni
Posted on 01/27/2017
Speech class students at Lakota East

Speech class students

The course registration process is now underway for high school students, with Lakota offering a full range of educational paths and classes to students to prepare them for their future. But recent graduates of Dave Honhart’s speech class think students should seriously consider working an elective speech class into their schedules.   

Honhart had 10 alumni volunteers come back and share their experiences during Lakota East’s Elective Showcase – and one even developed a video to promote taking speech. “All of these students, and many, many more who have kept in touch with me, believe that the class had a tremendous positive impact on their lives and it was one of the most powerful courses they took in high school. The content and nature of class itself just lends itself to making an immediate impact on students.” 

Honhart can easily talk at length about the value of taking a speech class, but hearing recent graduates talk about the class is what really hit home with current students. During the Showcase, alumni had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with current students, sharing how the class increased their overall confidence, strengthened their leadership skills, gave them an edge in college or the workforce, and more. 

Here are a few of the messages that alumni shared with students. 

Taking speech class taught me how to make my words matter, and gave me the confidence I never knew I needed.” -- Mackenzie Thomas, Class of 2015 (University of Cincinnati, studying speech and hearing pathology)

"Being able to speak comfortably in front of someone or multiple people is a greatly undervalued trait in the real world and can be another great asset that you carry for life." -- Conor Varacalli, Class of 2015 (Miami University, studying marketing & communications)

“Because of taking speech, I am a more confident person in general. The time in which I took speech was a time in my life where I was shy and not exactly very outgoing. By the end of the semester, I was a completely different person! I have noticed myself reaching out to a larger group of people and being more social overall.” -- Kailyn Kelley, Class of 2016 (Ball State University, studying dance) 

“Now that I'm pursuing a career in the field of media, it's important for me to network and make as many connections as I can, in order to further my success. Thanks to taking speech, I'm much more comfortable interacting with media professionals, professors, and other students.” -- Mitchell Stukey, Class of 2015 (Ohio University, studying music production) 

“Speech also helps you learn how to write! It allows you determine what's important to say, what ways to emphasize your message, and how to use "power words" to make your focus sound great. I know taking speech was the best decision I made in high school.” -- Madeliene Mendez, Class of 2015 (Ohio State University, studying psychology) 

“If I hadn't taken a speech class in high school, I would have really struggled in college, where most of my finals were presentations. Speech helped me overcome my fear of speaking in public and helped me to become more confident in myself. I believe that if it weren't for this class, I wouldn't have had the confidence to properly present myself and get hired on at Luxottica.” -- Taylor Alden, Class of 2012 (graduated in 2016 from the University of Cincinnati in marketing)

Speech is offered at both high school campuses. Registration for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors begins Jan. 27 and closes on Feb. 6.

Pictured: Sophomore Clara Erich and senior Jesse Patton are currently taking speech and were recently recognized for their 'Pet Peeve' speeches. They agree with speech alumni that all students should consider taking a speech class.