Parents Coordinate Science Program to Foster Learning

Parents Coordinate Science Program to Foster Learning
The kindergarten students focused on sound and vibration, learning about echoes and sound waves. Yet, for many, the best part was sharing the learning with their partner, as recent programs at both Creekside and Liberty Early Childhood schools allowed students and their parents to experiment and learn side by side.

The Curie Newton program, which is coordinated by the schools’ PTOs and led by parents, shares science concepts in a fun, informal manner. For kindergartners, that meant learning about sound and vibrations. They discussed how sound is made and how sound travels, then created instruments using tissue boxes, rubber bands, and toilet tubes. Students researched how different materials make different sounds.

According to Daniel Colpi, Liberty’s PTO chair, the Curie Newton program poses specific questions to kindergarten and first grade students, and provides a set of interactive stations to guide them through coming up with the answer themselves.  In the days following the experiments, the kindergartners are asked to answer questions such as “What is a hypothesis?” and “How do we know if our hypothesis is right or wrong?”

Another recent program held at the two schools also focused on science. Designed for both kindergarten and first graders, the sessions covered how worms move and breathe and what worms need to survive.  Students got to look at the worms with magnifying glasses and hold them while they examined them. 

Both schools will soon hold Curie Newton programs for their first grade students, covering topics such as the force of gravity, pulleys, and inclined planes.