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By focusing on Digital Learning, as well as Operations, the Technology Department is dedicated to being a partner in Lakota's student-centered vision.

Digital Learning Vision
Lakota students will be technologically ready for their future. All students will use secure modern technologies in ways that support student-centered learning within a highly self-directed and collaborative environment. Instructional technology will support students becoming skilled problem-solvers, able to think critically, evaluate information, and make decisions that reflect state and national standards for college and workforce readiness.

Please click here to access the District’s Instructional Technology Strategic Plan.

Free Microsoft Office for Lakota Students
Please click here for information on free Microsoft Office for Lakota 2-12 grade students.

Bring Your Own Device
Lakota Board Policy allows for students to use personal communication devices "as part of a classroom activity when indicated for instruction by a teacher or administrator."

While we cannot recommend specific makes and models of devices since student and family needs differ, here are the minimum device requirements for Microsoft Office, which is free to our students, and Canvas, Lakota's Learning Management System.


*While Microsoft Office and Canvas are both supported on iPhones, iPods and Android phones that meet the specs above, we encourage the larger screen sizes to meet a wider variety of educational software.

Low Cost Computer and Internet Options

Lakota is committed to supporting technology skills development for all of our students. While personal computer devices can be purchased from a variety of sources at a vast range of cost and features, they can be a large expense and aren’t always budget-friendly. Here are some assistance programs for our students and families in need of a computer and/or Internet access:

Click here for low cost computer and internet options.

If you would like to assist us in our mission by providing students with technology tools, please contact us at

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