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Thank you for your interest in Lakota Local Schools!
 We believe the business community is our students' best lens into the possibilities of their future. As we strive to provide the best educational experience to our students, we are also interested in serving your business needs.

Beyond the various partnership models described on this page, please check out programs like Peachjar E-Flyers and Lakota's Summer Fun Fair for other opportunities to make Lakota an extension of your business.

Why bring businesses into schools? 

Whether it be college, the workplace or military service, Lakota prepares our 16,500 students for the many different adventures awaiting them after graduation. Real-world learning opens their eyes to the unfamiliar and even helps them dig deeper into an area of interest. Our job is to prepare them for what comes next, and YOU CAN HELP!

What's in it for your business? 

A partnership with Lakota is mutually beneficial, helping businesses gain: 
  • Fresh perspective and talent; 
  • Local workforce development and recruitment;
  • Insight from a current or future stakeholder in your business; and 
  • Local publicity and brand awareness as a partner of the largest suburban public school district in southwest Ohio. 

What does a partnership with Lakota look like? 

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Don't let these ideas limit your creativity to get involved and support our students. Complete an interest form or contact us for more information. 

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Katie Bauer
Strategic Partnerships Coordinator