Student Engagement & Real World Learning

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Student Engagement & Real World Learning

At Lakota, Real World Learning is any in-class or extracurricular experience and engagement for students that facilitates learning about industry expectations, careers, professionalism, and executive functioning skills. While broad in basic definition, the focus is on experiences that relate academic content to real-life application, providing students the connectivity of concepts between in-class learning and post-educational life expectations.  

The intent of embedding Real World Learning throughout multiple facets of learning is to reflect the district's Portrait of a Lakota Graduate, preparing students for any challenge that they may face on their post-high school journey toward Enrollment, Enlistment, Employment or Entrepreneurship.

To learn more about students are involved in real world learning, check out the Real World Learning web page.

A partnership with Lakota is mutually beneficial, helping businesses gain:

  • Fresh perspective and talent

  • Local workforce development and recruitment

  • Insight from a current or future stakeholder in your business

  • Local publicity and brand awareness as a partner of the largest suburban public school district in southwest Ohio


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