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Academic Advising & CCP Information Sessions 7-12

Academic Advising & CCP Information Sessions 7-12

Academic Advising and CCP Information nights on the following dates/times:

East:    Tuesday, November 14th, 6:00-8:00 pm in the Theatre

West:   Wednesday, November 29th, 6:00-8:00 in the Theatre

Jr High: Thursday, December 7th , 6:30pm - 8pm in the Plains Jr Cafeteria

No registration is necessary. 9-12 parents may attend session at East or West.

Link to Flyer

Grades 9-11

This is an excellent opportunity for families to be better informed about the variety of academic options available for students prior to selecting courses for the 2024/2025 school year.  

Andrew Wheatley, Director of 7-12 Curriculum, will be showcasing:

  • The expansion of the College Credit Plus (CCP) program.  Lakota is adding 6, In-House, College Credit Plus courses that have been specifically selected to benefit a wider range of students.  The new CCP courses will meet the General Education course requirements for most college majors.  This program can assist in reducing the cost of college.
  • The academic pathways available to combine College Prep (CP), Advanced Placement (AP) and CCP courses.  
  • How to be better prepared for applying to college.

Grades 7-8

This event will highlight the variety of individualized learning options available to our students. It will also provide important information to assist our families in being academically prepared for high school and beyond.

Andrew Wheatley, Director of 7-12 Curriculum, will be showcasing:

  • The variety of academic learning pathways designed to prepare students for college.
  • The importance of balancing academic rigor with extracurricular activities.
  • How Junior School courses can benefit academic success in high school and beyond.

College Credit Plus (open to grades 7-12)

The district will be adding 6 new College Credit Plus (CCP), in-house, courses for next school year! 

Lakota has partnered with Sinclair College and will be offering the following, in-house, CCP courses beginning with the 2024/2025 school year, in addition to what is currently available in-house facilitated by Cincinnati State.

HS Course Title College Course Title  College Course Number Course Length
CCP Statistics Statistics MAT 1450 Semester Course
CCP Psychology General Psychology   PSY 1100 Semester Course
CCP Sociology Intro to Sociology SOC 1101 Semester Course
CCP Government American Federal Government PLS 1120 Semester Course
CCP Financial Literacy Personal Finance FIN 2450 Semester Course
CCP Communication & Literature* Communication & Literature COMM 2206 & LIT 2220 Year Long Course

*CCP Communication & Literature will be a yearlong course and include both Interpersonal Communication and Intro to Literature.

These courses are perfect for any student considering continuing their education after high school.  This is an excellent opportunity for a student to earn college credit and high school credit for the same course.  We have worked directly with Sinclair to offer students CCP courses that will meet most General Education course requirements for most college majors.  Taking these courses will not only assist in reducing the cost of college tuition, books, etc. but could potentially allow room in a student’s college schedule to take courses directly connected to their major. 

These new College Credit Plus courses have been selected to provide many students with the opportunity to benefit from the CCP program, not just the students that are currently taking Honors or Advanced Placement courses.

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For general questions, please email

CCP Information, forms, and handbook for CCP

For CCP questions, please email Karen Wainscott, College Credit Plus Coordinator, at

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