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Improved Peachjar E-Flyer Experience for Parents

Improved Peachjar E-Flyer Experience for Parents

Significant improvements are coming to Peachjar—the platform we use to share both Lakota and community e-flyers directly with our school community. These updates, available April 29, add a new level of customization and convenience for tracking relevant school- and community-sponsored opportunities for our students and their families.

What’s New in the Peachjar Experience?

  • Tailored Engagement: Peachjar now features a more personalized experience, helping you to find the information and activities most important to your family.
  • New Search Capabilities: Access new search options, making it simpler than ever to find exactly the types of activities you're looking for. 
  • Save Flyers: Effortlessly save flyers for future reference. Plus, access old flyers as a point of reference for future options.
  • Categorized Flyerboards: Navigate through categorized flyerboards, such as athletics, academics, arts and more, for access to flyers that most interest you.
  • Streamlined Navigation: The new, mobile-friendly layout features clearly defined School and Community tabs, making it easier than ever to find information for after-school opportunities in the community or in your school. 

These improvements are part of Peachjar’s commitment to delivering an exceptional experience to our students and their families, fostering a community that is well-informed and closely connected. 

Seamless Transition, No Action Needed

No need to do anything! You'll continue to receive weekly emails from Peachjar and Lakota with the newest flyers most relevant to your child. Starting April 29, with the launch of our beta, a simple click on any flyer will directly connect you to the new experience and easier access to opportunities for your child. 

Read more about Lakota’s Peachjar E-Flyer program, where you can also view current flyers and approval guidelines for community organizations. 

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