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Meet Lakota's Interim Superintendent

Meet Lakota's Interim Superintendent

At its Jan. 19 special meeting, the Lakota Board of Education unanimously approved Robb Vogelmann as the district’s interim superintendent, effective Feb. 1, 2023. Vogelmann currently serves as Lakota’s assistant superintendent, a role he’s held since 2012.

Now in his 26th year at Lakota, Vogelmann began his career in education as a math teacher at Northwest High School. After just two years, he moved to Liberty Junior School in 1997, where he taught until 2002 when he became an administrator. Vogelmann was an assistant principal at Lakota East High School from 2002-2009. He then served as principal at Liberty Junior until 2012 when he was named assistant superintendent. He also served as interim superintendent during the 2016-2017 school year.

“I am very grateful for your trust in me and your belief in me,” Vogelmann told the Board following his appointment. “It’s an honor and privilege to serve this community and I look forward to the challenge ahead.”

Not only does Vogelmann work at Lakota, he is also a parent in the district. He and his wife have four children, two of whom are graduates of Lakota East High School. In his estimation, that equals 46 years of parental experience in Lakota’s classrooms. Having both vantage points is a benefit. “We have a fantastic executive team. We have great teachers. We have great administrators,” he said. “We will continue to invest in each kid to see where they’re at in the whole scope of learning.” 

Personalized learning does just that. Vogelmann believes that Lakota students benefit when their teachers change their teaching methods to what helps their students learn best. “We want to ask ourselves, ‘How can I make it so my students are more engaged and active in learning?’” he explained. “We want our students to show what they know in a way that gives them options and choices. We want to empower our students.”

Vogelmann’s message to both staff and families is to “stay the course,” to keep working hard and keep investing in students every day. “I want our staff to continue giving kids experiences so they can go and do what they want to do and be what they want to be,” he said. 

Under Vogelmann’s leadership, teachers will continue to let data lead instruction. For example, using data from testing to see where students need more support and gathering feedback from staff on what’s working and where improvement is needed to help students progress. “I want us to look at what worked and how we can adapt and adjust those methods for next year.” This also includes looking at data that measures the impact on discipline based on proactive measures as opposed to reactive. “Our team is looking at how we can reinforce the high expectations we have for our kids and families,” Vogelmann explained. “We need to meet our kids where they are, but we also need to explain that we have expectations that must be met. I tell our parents to be involved,” he continued. “Have conversations with your kids. Be intentional about having conversations to be more engaged.” 

Above all, Vogelmann is committed to helping Lakota students succeed. “This is my home and I am focused on our kids.”

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