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A Look Around Lakota with Dr. Lolli: K-6 Curriculum

  • K-6
A Look Around Lakota with Dr. Lolli: K-6 Curriculum

Enjoy the February edition of "A Look Around Lakota with Dr. Lolli," a new video series that takes an in-depth look at different parts of the Lakota experience. 

This month, Interim Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli highlights the learning experience for students in grades K-6, including changes for the upcoming school year. Special guests include: Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction Lori Brown, Assistant Director of K-6 Curriculum Emily Hermann and Director of Professional Learning Krista Heidenreich.

Not enough time to watch from start to finish? Fast forward to these chapters to get the information you need most:

  • K-2 Foundational Courses (1:22)
  • Early Literacy & Science of Reading (1:59)
  • Early Literacy & Parent Support (5:45)
  • Early Literacy & Professional Development (7:58)
  • Early vs. Intermediate Literacy Standards (10:22)
  • Math Standards (12:48)
  • Science & Social Studies Standards (16:17)
  • Specials or Co-Curriculars (19:30)
  • Upcoming Changes for K-6 Curriculum (22:04)
  • Personalized Learning Academy (23:35)

Visit the K-6 Curriculum webpage to learn more about Lakota's early childhood and elementary programs and options.


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