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All K-12 Students Now Have 1:1 Device Access

  • K-6
All K-12 Students Now Have 1:1 Device Access

All Lakota K-12 students now have 1:1 device access for learning.

Brand new touchscreen Chromebooks have been assigned to each second grader to empower their personalized learning journey. 
K-1 students also received touchscreen Chromebooks that cycled down from the higher grades as part of Lakota’s commitment to fiscal responsibility.

“In an ever increasing digital world, we are thankful to be able to provide dedicated devices to each of our students to purposefully and equitably support their learning,” said Chief Technology Officer Todd Wesley.

Lakota’s early childhood schools now have a cart of Chromebooks for each classroom, with a dedicated device for each student’s use while in school (just like their fellow students in grades 3-6). Students in grades 7-12 have a dedicated device for school and outside of school.

“The 1:1 program means that teachers no longer have to coordinate when they can get and use devices to support learning in their classrooms. It also gives teachers access to new programs that can be used for enrichment or for extra practice on skills students have already learned,” said Missy Alexander, Principal at Liberty Early Childhood School.

“This isn’t about kids being on computers all day long,” said Wesley. “Teachers determine when and how long students access these learning devices. This will align with instructional goals, with approved technology being purposefully used to empower student learning.”

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