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Board Appoints Community Curriculum Advisory Team Members

Board Appoints Community Curriculum Advisory Team Members

Lakota Board of Education members have each appointed a representative to serve on the District’s new Community Curriculum Advisory Team (CCAT), a group formed in response to the Board’s vote earlier this year to approve an internal curriculum audit. 

The group’s purpose is to provide recommendations to Lakota’s curriculum leaders through a process that identifies specific curricular concerns or needs. Additionally, the CCAT will review a process to be used for inquiries and reviews, as well as create an ongoing, multi-year curriculum review schedule.

Representatives of the inaugural advisory team were required to meet a set of criteria, including professional experience in education or a related field. They are all current residents and not employed by Lakota and will serve a two-year term. Members appointed by the Board include: 

  • Michael Albrecht (recommended by Board member Julie Shaffer)
  • Regina McCall (recommended by Board member Kelley Casper)
  • Ian Murray (recommended by Board Vice President Isaac Adi)
  • Vanessa Wells (recommended by Board member Darbi Boddy)
  • Dr. Diane Wiater (recommended by Board President Lynda O’Connor)

View the selection forms and other documentation submitted by Board members to learn more about the background of each advisory team member.

“This group is much broader than just a curriculum audit or a curriculum review,” O’Connor said at the May 1 regular board meeting. 

“It will also be used as an on-ramp to help review new curriculum items,” added Interim Superintendent Robb Vogelmann. “They might provide a first glance at the program of studies each fall, for example, and new courses that are coming online.”

From Lakota, Lori Brown, executive director of curriculum and instruction; Andrew Wheatley, director of curriculum grades 7-12; and Christina French, director of curriculum grades K-6, will serve on the team, in addition to other staff members as needed. The group will hold its first meeting on Monday, May 22 at 6 p.m.

“We’re hoping to wrap this into a proactive piece that will bring different curriculum pieces through this team and provide some feedback and recommendations,” said Brown. “But, we’re also looking to be responsive within this team and have a process for handling how we’ll deal with any kinds of concerns that come to the table related to any of Lakota’s curriculum.”

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